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Meet Featured Trader, Kelly

Meet our newest featured trader, Kelly.

Q: How long have you been trading?

A: 1.5 years

Q: How many trades do you think you average per month or year?

A: 3

Q: Why did you decide to start stock trading?

A: Husband thought it sounded like my personality

Q: Have you been to any NVOWS seminars?  If so, which ones and what were
your thoughts on them?

A: 1,2,3,4,Entity  Too much selling and not enough practice  Good info too
Q: Is stock trading what you expected?

A: Yes

Q: What strategy do you prefer? (i.e. spreads, stocks, options, etc)

A: Working towards Credit spreads

Q: Are you consistently profitable?

A: Not yet

Q: Would you recommend someone join Top Gun?  Why or why not?

A: You can get the info cheaper other places

Q: Besides NVOWS materials what other resources (books, websites, people,
etc) do you use?

A: Trade smart University has great videos and they make it very understandable! 

Q: Anything else you’d want to add.

A: Would love to meet in Omaha maybe 1 time every 3 months to talk about what is working for people and what to avoid.

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What’s going with this crazy market?

I ran across this video yesterday (Friday) and thought I’d share it in case others might find it helpful.  It’s just a quick overview of what’s going on in the markets and where we could be heading in the coming weeks.

You can also click here to view the video.

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$4.95! Here’s Your Chance!

Update: This offer from TSU has expired.

In several comments throughout my blog I’ve recommended people check out Trade Smart University as another great way to learn trading.  I know I’m long over due for a post about TSU.  I owe it all to you to outline the pros and cons of learning with their program along with a comparison between them and NVOWS.  That will come soon, but that is not what this post is about.  This post is to let you know that I just discovered they are having a sale until Monday where you can try their highest level membership for 30 days for $4.95!  This includes over 13 online on demand trading courses on things like options, credit spreads, gaps, candlesticks, etc. amounting in over 200 hours of training.  There are also 3 live online trading labs a week and Power Trader Live on Sunday nights.  They recently added a weekly ‘Trade Ideas’ that you’ll have access to as well.  $4.95!  Seriously!  I just didn’t want you to miss this price.  After you check them out make sure you comment below and tell everyone your thoughts.  We’re all in this together!

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