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Neuventure on Wall Street becomes TRADEway

Woah!  Who saw this coming?  The David Mitchell led stock and option trading company called Neuventure on Wall Street has completely changed gears and names.  June 1st they made the big announcement that they are now registered with the SEC as an Investment Advisory Firm meaning they can now offer advice in that capacity.  They also decided a name change was in order and will now go by TRADEway.  But wait that’s not all.  They also revamped the weekly webinars for stock, options, credit and debit spreads.  From my understanding now instead of getting 10 trades that could take years to complete all 10, now you get just 9 months but 3 trades will be voted on each week even if you can’t use them because the market is ‘squirrely’ as they so love to say. (Speaking of which do you think they will still use the term ‘squirrel market’ with the new company?)

Anyway, now for a little editorial commentary.  My 2 cents in case anyone cares.  When I read the announcement email my jaw dropped as several thoughts raced through my mind.

  1. What the world?
  2. They may have just saved their company.  In fact in my opinion this change was ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Overall a large percentage of their students were not consistently successful.  The reason I know this is because in 5 years I have only met 1 successful student through events or my blog.  Not only that, I have never talked to an NVOWS student who knew someone who was consistently profitable.  Not one.  I think the word would start to get out.  The truth of the matter is I think most people were looking for NVOWS to be what the new TRADEway is.  People want help and advice from a trusted biblical perspective on all their finances not just the ‘20%’ they use for trading.  The entrepreneurial spirit needs to be revived in the US and that is what NVOWS has always strived for but now with TRADEway it seems it is more of a focus.  By becoming an Investment Advisory Firm they are expanding what they do and who they can reach exponentially.  Now it’s not just for those who want to trade or think they want to trade.  It’s basically for any believer who needs some help navigating finances from a biblical standpoint.  This was a genius much needed business move on their part and I applaud them.

Okay NVOWS I mean TRADEway students, let’s talk about this.  What are your thoughts?  Concerns?  If we can’t talk about this here, where can we?  I would love to hear from you.  I can hardly wait to see what a TRADEway seminar, I mean Step 1 or 2, is going to be like.  Has anyone gone to one yet?  I wonder what kind of up sells there will be now that they can give investment advice.  How much do you think that costs?


How Much Did I Pay?

One question I am often asked is, how much does Neuventure on Wall Street cost? That question has a complicated answer that I can only answer from personal experience stating how much I spent and how much I have heard them offer their seminars, cruises, Practice in Paradise, home study courses, webinars, etc for. These prices often change. In fact if you’re at one of their seminars you’ll see them pull out a current price sheet that changes from time to time. Prices vary based on whether one pays cash or sets up a payment plan. There is also a discount on everything if one is an Insider. So let’s dive in.

One can buy each seminar separately or choose to buy Seminar 1 and 2 together which they call “Flight School.” This cost my husband and me $6400 cash. It would have been more had we not paid cash. They also have “Top Gun” which includes all their Seminars 1-4 and sometimes a bonus Entity Seminar. The sticker price is $41k but with ‘discounts’ it’s usually between 12k-14k. Remember these are just general figures. You would need to talk to NVOWS to get exact numbers. “Top Gun” usually includes some extra perks like a few months of free webinars or “Insiders” etc. You can become an “Insider” for $49.95 per month. This includes Market Alert emails that are sent out most trading days with updates on what is moving the market. They also periodically post stocks to a stock calendar that they think might be nearing good buy points. There is an Insider section on their site that has tutorials, a list of best and worst performing industry groups, a list of the most fundamentally sound stocks and a weekly article written by David Mitchell that gives an overview of the past week of trading and news ie market tone. For those who use the NVOWS recommended Telechart stock charting software Insiders also Includes David Mitchell’s current settings that are available to download.

Then there are lots and lots of up sells beyond the seminars themselves. Home study courses at the time of this writing have a sticker price of $850 each. You read that right. But at the Seminars there is usually some sort of deal offered on them like 2 for 1 for example. According to NVOWS website 6 types of webinars are offered. We have been on the coaching webinar since we started a few years ago and it’s around $20 a month and lasts 55 minutes on Monday evenings. The other webinars offered are more specialized and more expensive. The options webinar for example has a sticker price of around 9k. Then there are trips/cruises where certain strategies are taught. The sticker prices of these range from around 17k-25k. As you can see there is plenty of money you can spend to get the full picture of what they offer and they seem very careful, almost secretive about not letting out any information that they offer for these high prices.

Let me be completely honest here. Over the past 3 years of trading with NVOWS training I have come to believe that if you can afford all the seminars, webinars, home study courses, trips, coaching, etc, you will have a very solid foundation of knowledge to trade the markets. If you can’t however afford all they have to offer there will be gaps in your knowledge and you will need to seek it out on your own. They seem very good at holding back just enough knowledge so that you will have to buy the ‘next thing’ to improve your trading. It’s a business. One thing you can do is shop around. There are many companies that teach people how to trade and this may be one of the more expensive I’ve run into so it’s important to look into your options and make an educated, God guided decision before investing.

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William O’Neil

On Monday nights NVOWS coaching webinar David Mitchell mentioned William O’Neil the founder of the newspaper Investors Business Daily. He talked about what a great market guru O’Neil is and how he has learned a lot from his books. He recommended his shorter books to new traders and his longer ones to those who have traded for 2 or 3 plus years saying that O’Neils books do not contradict what NVOWS teaches.  This is the first time I recall David recommending reading material so I am excited to check out some of O’Neil’s books. I’m going to start with 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success to get my feet wet.  I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it.

William O’Neil got his degree from Southern Methodist University and then served in the Air Force. In 1958 he worked as a stockbroker and became very successful. He developed an investment strategy known as CANSLIM. At age 30 he was the youngest at the time to have ever bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1963 he founded William O’Neil & Co., Inc. which serves more than 350 major institutional investment clients. Twenty years later he launched the paper Investors Daily which later became known as Investors Business Daily. He is also behind the equity research tool MarketSmith. Seems like I could learn a lot from him that’s for sure!

“Since the market tends to go in the opposite direction of what the majority of people think, I would say 95% of all these people you hear on TV shows are giving you their personal opinion. And personal opinions are almost always worthless … facts and markets are far more reliable.”

William O’Neil

How ‘bout you? Have you read any of his books?

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