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Pre-Trading Couseling-What I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Trading

Before I got married my husband and I sat through weeks of pre-marital counseling with our Pastor and weeks more in a class setting. We learned so much and it helped get our marriage off to a great start.  As I celebrate my 3 year trading anniversary and think back to when I started perhaps that would have been helpful before I started trading. You know, Pre-Trading Counseling. Someone to sit down with me 1 on 1 and say,

“This isn’t always going to be easy.”

“This is going to take a lot of hard work.”

“This will stretch you and make you uncomfortable at times.”

“This will make you grow and refine you.”

“There will be times when you will second guess yourself and wonder if you have what it takes.”

Well I’ve put together just 4 of the things I wish someone had told me when I started trading and perhaps they can be helpful to someone else who is starting out particularly if trading with Neuventure on Wall Street.

  1. 300% returns are not the norm. Yes, that is what is used in the seminar examples giving me dollar signs in my eyes and thinking I’m going to always get the perfect buy and sell point. Doesn’t work that way. 300% returns come along but they are NOT the norm.
  2. It’s okay to get trading information from a variety of sources besides just NVOWS. At fist I was told I would just get more confused if I learned trading from anyone/anywhere else. This closed me off for maybe over a year of learning from outside sources and to be honest I just didn’t get enough information from only NVOWS to make me a great trader because I couldn’t afford all their programs that make up a well-rounded trader. I mean, I didn’t even learn historic horizontal lines from them and we all know those are a really big deal. It’s simply okay and even important to take advantage of some of the great information available through books, websites (here are some of my go to websites)  and other traders.
  3. Being an NVOWS “Insider” is not an excuse to casually look at the market and not do much while waiting for Market Alerts and Stock Calendar updates. For more time than I would like to admit I was extremely passive and would hardly glance at the markets until I got a Market Alert telling me it’s time to trade and here are some stocks to look at. Well by the time I looked into all of them they were past good buy points and I had missed the move…again. This is such an important lesson to learn early on. You must do the work yourself. Look through charts everyday. Set price alerts on stocks nearing good buy points. Check earnings. Be ready with stocks so when the market lines up you are ready to pull the trigger quickly.
  4. And the number 1 thing I wish I had known when I started is that trading is a ton of work.  I got the impression at my first seminars that trading was simple, anyone could do it and I could easily make a bunch of money. NOT THE CASE! It is hard work and involves sacrifice.  Sacrifice of free time is the main one. Instead of reading a nice recreational feel good novel or watching TV, evenings after the kids go to bed are spent pouring through charts, past trades and continuing to learn how to become a better trader.

Had I known some of these tidbits I could have probably learned more quickly and saved myself some disappointment. Other tools you can use are my questions to ask yourself when considering trading and my top 10 things to know before attending Seminar 1.  I know my pre marital counseling helped me learn some realistic expectations of marriage, my spouse and the effort it would take to have a wonderful marriage. So there was my attempt at a little Pre-Trading Counseling.

How ‘bout you?

What do you know now that you didn’t know then? Or what would you tell someone at Pre-Trading Counseling?

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Worst Ever

I just experienced my worst trade to date.  This far into my trading I feel like I shouldn’t be experiencing a loss like this.  It hurts.  I know everyone says that to be a good trader you must have NO emotions.  When was the last time you went to work, lost the company bunches of money and shrugged it off as you went home thinking to yourself what a great day at the office?  My 10 month old didn’t seem to mind though as I laid face down on the floor trying to process what just happened.  He just kept crawling all over me giggling and shrieking.  I’m taking the rest of the day off.  I need to clear my head.

Does anyone out there have the gift of encouragement?

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My First NeUventure on Wall Street (now known as TRADEway) Seminar

I had no idea what to expect when my husband and I went to Seminar 1 but I thought for $100 we can’t go wrong and I would just keep my mouth shut and support my husband since he was the one who originally heard about it and wanted to go.

When we walked into the large room at the hotel we checked in and received a book to help follow along and take notes in.  We found some coffee, a muffin and a seat.  While we waited for it to start we enjoyed the Christian music playing.

The 2-day Seminar began with why we need to manage our own money, the importance of time freedom, how wealth is created and why being an entrepreneur should be sought.  We went on to learn the basics of the stock market, how it works, why it works and its lingo.  During the rest of the seminar they continued with a basic course on swing trading.

There were a lot of breaks throughout the days and a long lunch break each day, which we happened to spend in the parking lot sitting on the curb eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Well at least until a very kind man took us to lunch the 2nd day.  You can read more about that in my people you meet along the journey post.

So about one-third was teaching, a third was breaks and the other third of the time was spent selling other products.  My husband and I began to be very turned off by this and the price tags.  Call us naïve (I know we were) but we thought we would go and learn for $100 how to make a bunch of money and that’s that.  That was not that.  We found out there was thousands more to pay to learn even more.  Oh and it wasn’t as simple as ‘here is the product and here is the price.’  It was ‘here is the product and here is the price, but wait how about we knock off a few thousand and while we’re at it let’s knock off some more and you know what, we’ll throw this in too.’  We were completely blind sided but if you decide to go you’ll be expecting it after reading this and I think that alone will make it less irritating.

We had no previous background in the stock market and they did a great job at breaking it down to a most basic level and went at a speed we could easily follow.

By the end of the two days we thought we could really do this and be good at it.  I mean they showed us how EASY it is.  Piece of cake and if we join the ‘Insiders’ they will practically do it all for us.  They’ll pick the stocks and evaluate the market as a whole for us.  This is so easy we can do this even while we work other jobs.  We can turn our $500 (and that is literally all we had) into $20,000 in a few short months! We were so excited but even in our excitement we knew we needed to not buy anything and instead take some time to pray and seek God.  That is exactly what we did.  You can find out what we did after this by reading the rest of the story on my how we got started page or read my review on Seminar 2.

It only took us about 6 months to realize that those impressions we had were not reality.  It was not easy, they don’t do it all for you, we didn’t turn our $500 into $20,000 and the only way to succeed in the stock market is to work your tail off.  Study, look through charts, learn, learn, learn and be extremely disciplined.  I wondered how we had gotten such a different impression than reality.  Did we just not understand something they were telling us?  I still don’t know but what I do know is no, NeUventure on Wall Street isn’t a scam and yes, they really do care about us and our success but could they have been a little a lot more upfront with us about the hard work and dedication it would take?  Definitely!

Before you go to Seminar 1 make sure you check out my Top 10 things to know before attending Seminar 1 post.

To hear other’s opinions of NVOWS and whether or not they are successful check out the ‘featured traders‘ tab at the top of the page.

Update: After trading for 3 years I have put together a list of a few things I wish I had known when I started trading.  I hope it can be helpful to someone else getting started.

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People You Meet Along the Journey

Each time we attend a stock-trading seminar we meet so many great people.  In fact it’s our favorite part of the seminars, learning what is working and not working for other traders, swapping stories and encouraging one another.  During our first seminar we sat next to a very kind man who was retaking that Seminar 1 and was still not profitable.  When we asked why he simply said he kept breaking the rules.  Well, that gave my husband and I all kinds of confidence.  You see, we weren’t going to break any rules like this guy. : )  Funny to think back on that now!  To this day we still use the handout he had created and given us on tracking our stocks.

During the next Seminar we met another man by the name of Paul who sat in front of us.  As the lunch break rolled around my husband and I started heading toward the parking lot and our cooler of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when Paul caught up with us and asked if we’d like to go to lunch…his treat!  Boy did we ever!  We were sooooo excited.    During lunch he took time to listen to our story and encourage us to run hard after God and His best for us.  He told us we could definitely do this and be successful.  As we’ve kept touch through email his encouragement has continued to mean the world and he has even offered to let us stay at his place whenever we come into town for retakes.  What a blessing he is!

At our most recent Seminar 2 retake we were able to get acquainted with several right around where we were sitting.  One such man by the name of Mark also took us to lunch.  We are so spoiled!  Last we talked to Mark he was profitable and also offered us encouragement and an invitation to stay with his family whenever we’re back in town for retakes.  This seminar was special to us because we had the most incredible teacher, Chris.  He took the time to sit down with us on the first day after everyone else had cleared out.  He listened to our story and genuinely cared about us and our success.  He said he thought the Holy Spirit was prompting him to do something and he wanted to pray more about it, speak to the founder and follow up with us the following day.  The next day after everyone left we once again sat down with him but it was obvious he was very exhausted and coming down with something.  He told us to call the office the following week and he would tell them what he was thinking.  Well, we did but it seems we had fallen through the cracks and no one knew of anything.  Chris has since gone to be with the Lord and we along with so so many others miss him especially every Monday night on the webinars.  It seems we may never know what he had in mind for us.

Here we have just included a few of the special people we have met through our time with NeUventure on Wall Street.  Perhaps in future posts I will share a few more.  I think most students with NeUventure would site the people as one of the things they appreciate the most and what makes NeUventure special.


How ‘bout you?  Who have you met along the way?

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Mistakes Made

When I look back on my years of trading there are of course mistakes and trading rules broken.  My most obvious one that makes me laugh now happened on my 4th trade.

I woke up early that morning eager to check futures.  I used to put so much emphasis on futures.  If I was in an up play and woke up to high futures I would feel like a million bucks but if they were down, I thought the trading world was caving in on me.  On this particular morning I was in a down play (Put) and the futures were really high.  My husband and I were terrified so the moment the market opened we sold.  Well, I’m sure you know the rest of the story.  The rest of the day the stock went in our favor and we would have ended up with a profit.

Moral of the story: Don’t pay too much attention to futures and definitely don’t buy or sell solely based on them.


There are many other lessons I’ve learned the hard way:

  • Don’t chase a stock or the market.  If you missed it, accept that and be ready for the next great play/bounce.
  • Don’t buy laggards.
  • Get very good buy points close to Moving Averages that the stock likes to bounce off of or strong support or resistance lines.
  • Don’t buy options that expire in a couple weeks.

Just to name a few.  How ‘bout you?  What’s your funniest mistake or any mistake even if you can’t quite laugh about it yet?

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That First Trade

Who can forget their first trade?  Sure you can forget what stock you may have bought or what day it was but you never forget how you felt; the jittery excitement, fear and anticipation.  As if everything was riding on this one trade.

I got into a Put on INFY.  Just one contract but you would have thought it was one hundred.  I literally shook the first half hour of that trade and I remember watching it the entire first day.  I didn’t have a smart phone at the time so I think I even took my laptop to the bathroom!  After 5 days I sold that contract for a $20 loss but that would prove to be nothing compared to the following 3 trades where I lost $158, $125 and $48.  Not such a great start.

How ‘bout you?  Do you remember that first trade?

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