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Neuventure on Wall Street becomes TRADEway

June 9, 2016 | 47 Comments

Woah!  Who saw this coming?  The David Mitchell led stock and option trading company called Neuventure on Wall Street has completely changed gears and names.  June 1st they made the big announcement that they are now registered with the SEC as an Investment Advisory Firm meaning they can now offer advice in that capacity.  They also decided a name change was in order and will now go by TRADEway.  But wait that’s not all.  They also revamped the weekly webinars for stock, options, credit and debit spreads.  From my understanding now instead of getting 10 trades that could take years to complete all 10, now you get just 9 months but 3 trades will be voted on each week even if you can’t use them because the market is ‘squirrely’ as they so love to say. (Speaking of which do you think they will still use the term ‘squirrel market’ with the new company?)

Anyway, now for a little editorial commentary.  My 2 cents in case anyone cares.  When I read the announcement email my jaw dropped as several thoughts raced through my mind.

  1. What the world?
  2. They may have just saved their company.  In fact in my opinion this change was ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Overall a large percentage of their students were not consistently successful.  The reason I know this is because in 5 years I have only met 1 successful student through events or my blog.  Not only that, I have never talked to an NVOWS student who knew someone who was consistently profitable.  Not one.  I think the word would start to get out.  The truth of the matter is I think most people were looking for NVOWS to be what the new TRADEway is.  People want help and advice from a trusted biblical perspective on all their finances not just the ‘20%’ they use for trading.  The entrepreneurial spirit needs to be revived in the US and that is what NVOWS has always strived for but now with TRADEway it seems it is more of a focus.  By becoming an Investment Advisory Firm they are expanding what they do and who they can reach exponentially.  Now it’s not just for those who want to trade or think they want to trade.  It’s basically for any believer who needs some help navigating finances from a biblical standpoint.  This was a genius much needed business move on their part and I applaud them.

Okay NVOWS I mean TRADEway students, let’s talk about this.  What are your thoughts?  Concerns?  If we can’t talk about this here, where can we?  I would love to hear from you.  I can hardly wait to see what a TRADEway seminar, I mean Step 1 or 2, is going to be like.  Has anyone gone to one yet?  I wonder what kind of up sells there will be now that they can give investment advice.  How much do you think that costs?


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  1. I have a different perspective. They are constantly being asked – “What should I do?” Until they become advisors they could not answer that question. IMHO there are a substantial number of students who will never fly their own plane or will take a lot longer to do so but still want to make money right away. I have a friend who is that way. She just wants to them to tell her what to do.

    My friend is going to the new seminar II soon and I will let you know what she says.

  2. I read the statement they sent out and was trying to interpret it correctly. They registered with the SEC which means they will have regulations to follow. Can they now advise people like a full-service brokerage firm? I don’t know. Will they be able to help people out more on the phone unlike my experience in the past? I sure hope so. I have mixed feelings about this company and the way they seem to treat the “first class” crowd; i.e. if you can’t afford our pricy seminars and become an Insider you will have to fend for yourself out there in the real world of trading, but if you have the $$$ up front we will help you. I would still like to know if there are any consistent successful students of this system who read this blog and could vouch for this system.

  3. This company gives a bad name to Christians. Advertising non-stop on Dallas Christian radio as the only pastor who never took a salary from the church. They are charlatans and if they really wanted to help Christians they would publish their trades and make them available for performance tracking and to really help Christians. Disgusting when I hear his voice on the radio

      • Can’t disagree more. What it sounds like you want is a freebee. I have been with them for over 2 years and thank God every day I found them. There are things they do that irritate me, but overall I would say they are legit. I would not be trading today without them.

        As Christians, they are biblical to the core.

        • No reason to turn this into an attack on me. I am a very successful trader long before I heard of these guys and to be fair I never went to a seminar or signed up for anything they offer. I googled them on a whim a few years ago and found this site and made a comment on one of the first blog posts on this site.
          They lead with their Christian based approach which puts that much more scrutiny on their morals/values than a normal secular business and they chose to obliterate the air waves with their Christian-ness all the time. “trust me because I am a Christian”. I think they do it to lull good hard working Christians into their training where people can lose a lot of money. I am not seeing a lot of success stories and I would love nothing more than if they were making other Christians successful. It sounds like they just offer training and very high priced at that.
          If you want to make real money checkout the Najarian brothers options courses – they actually have a track record and publish it. they might even be Christians but they don’t make that their #1 selling point to try to lure you into trusting them

          • This is not an attack on you, but you make a lot of statements about them even though you have never been to a event. You are attacking them with no knowledge what so ever of who they really are. I just think that is a cheap shot.

            I am very aware of the Najarian brothers. I listen to them on CNBC all the time. This has nothing to do with what NVOWS does or offers.

        • Dana, it is not a cheap shot if they don’t have a bunch of ringing endorsements. Najarian brothers do option trading but the underlying options are buys and sells on stocks. How could it be anything different? NVOWS follows technical analysis according to their radio ads to tell you when to time an entry or exit. Every reputable company offering this stock/option trading service publishes their performance. NVOWS does not publish their performance and is therefore not reputable to me. Maybe since they are changing names they will offer specific advice and then publish their performance. I pray they do and that they help a lot of Christian people. I remain very skeptical of them until that moment.

        • Well, Jesus never said, “I’ll help you learn how to fish, but you must pay me first.” And since Jesus did say explicitly to not have a church in His name, it’s sad the way people claim they are “Christian to the core.” I smell ego and arrogance rather than a true following of Jesus’ commands. One is supposed to help selflessly, and treat everyone equally without judgement or requiring payment up front. Besides, Jesus didn’t believe in money, either. It’s a man made concept, so being a Christian trader is an oxymoron. Someone who claims to follow Christ should be giving help for the sake of love, not money.

    • I agree George. I attended the “initial” seminar, but after the 2 days of education, I found out the next level was $6000.00! I dont have that kind of money laying around! What a waste of time! I believe if he wants to help Christians prosper, show us what you know for a minimal investment!

      • I agree with you 100%. Me as a fellow Christians and the first 2 classes i went to. I felt that 80 to 90% of the people that went to the class are living check to check and are wanting to find another way to make more money and being this is a Christian organization they thought this would help. But the price tag is high and should be based on how well you trade. I understand that there trying to make money but if you got millions in your account and want to help fellow Christians then the price shouldn’t be as high. Were all brothers and sisters and need to help one another. The stocks is a way to do that. Just giving my prospective on the matter being that i went to the classes and wanted to be a better trader.

        • I fell for the New Venture line “hook, line, and sinker” because I was aging and not sure how long I could work. They advertised on a local Christian radio station and the station manager even vouched for them although he might want to deny that now. I believed their high powered, glamorous presentation and completely ignored their disregard for my personal financial situation. It was a “sign right here” proposition. I gave them a sizeable amount of my savings and did not reap one dime from the “training” which was far too complex for me to grasp from what amounted to self study since they actually provided little of the kind of help I needed. Granted, there was some effort to meet their “promises” on the phone, but on another face to face occasion I was completely ignored by the person who was supposed to be my coach and I was not able to participate in the webinars. In fact, I had never heard of a “webinar”–to illustrate my naivete. I also met other women like me (older, grey hairs without a lot of money) who had the same experience. I am still smarting over their high pressure tactics and disregard for my vulnerability, but in the last analysis, it was my own fault. I was old enough and experienced enough to spot the trap I was falling into but I slid right into it anyway. Presently, I am doing some stock investing with the help and advice of my daughter who is self taught and savvy and she didn’t pay a penny for her “training.” I will say that the woman who answered the phone for NVWS was very nice and tried to be helpful in her limited way. Giving credit where credit is due. LOL

          • This is the website administrator. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts. I continue to leave this website up here in hopes that it can help people who are looking into trade way make the most educated decision that is right for them.

  4. George – you are spot on. Unfortunately, we have seen similar character come and go while trading on their faith. I truly hope and pray that NVOWs turns out to be a great and legitimate success to the glory of God. However…

    Affinity Fraud is one of the top perennial frauds reported by securities regulators. [ see ]. As a Christian and owner of a registered investment advisory firm, I cringe every time I hear the commercials where this “pastor” uses Christ as a marketing gimmick.

    David Mitchell charges astronomical fees to “share” secret info and “teach” poor, unsuspecting and trusting folks how to attempt to do some of the most difficult and risky trading possible. (It would be improper to call what they teach “investing.”)

    Alas, this isn’t new. For a very similar story, read about misadventures of seminar promoter Wade Cook. He wrote books, produced seminars which he sold by offering a cheap “hook” workshop followed by ever-increasingly expensive seminars to learn “the rest” of the information. At his peak, his net worth was estimated at $200 million.

    Wade sold expensive information through seminars. He promised success in trading real estate; stock market cycles, and options. They provided various levels of courses and home-study (using cassette tapes and workbooks). He even had a division that would create trusts in tax-friendly states to provide anonymity and tax advantages for his followers.

    Perhaps most offensive to believers, was Wade’s use of his church and support of his church as a marketing gimmick. Regulators took a very dim view of his charitable contributions and his marketing methods. They were even more offended about his tax practices and awarded him 88 months in federal prison.

    Is Neuventure (or its most recent incarnation: Tradeway) legitimate? One way to find out would be to have an open dialogue and public listing of the raving fans and success stories of people who have survived the lessons and have changed their family fortunes for “generations” like their commercials promise. Only problem – those would be considered “testimonials” and are actually prohibited now that the company is a Registered firm.

    David Mitchell’s motives and business practices may be as pure as the wind-driven snow. Or he may be just the latest good-ole boy from the bible belt, employing a disarming southern drawl wrapped in “good christian motives” to separate unsuspecting folks from their money.

    Before spending any time or money with these folks, ask yourself if the pitch would work if it wasn’t wrapped in Christ?

    If you do go, ask them within the first 30 minutes what the total cost is if you want to learn “all the secrets and skills that you need to succeed.” Ask for them to provide you in writing actual numbers of how many people have taken their courses and how many people (actual number) are consistently succeeding. Get it in writing on the spot. (Regulators love that stuff.) If they answer but won’t put it in writing, ask if it’s OK if you record the workshop session and ask the same question on tape. If they refuse to answer, or mumble and fumble anything other than clear and direct answers… run away.

    Trust (if you like) but verify. And ask yourself if you are really well suited to succeed where the overwhelming majority of people fail.

    Why did I post? Simple. Jesus Christ is not a marketing gimmick. If you want to take money from greedy or lazy people looking for a get rich quick scheme – have at it. Just don’t hold those workshops in the shadow of the cross.

    • Wow, I just don’t know what to say to that. You see, I spent time with people at Tradeway and find they are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. I believe they should be more upfront with the realities of trading the market from day 1, but other than that I am not at all disappointed with them. My wife and I are both educated professionals (I am now retired) and I thank God every day for the opportunities Tradeway has shown us.

      You and George are both criticizing something you have never experienced. Do your homework before you criticize. I know there are plenty of frauds out there, but don’t include Tradeway unless you know something that those like me, who have taken their courses and enjoy their services, don’t know.

      • Hi Dana. I am just sharing my opinion and since NVOWS (tradeway) doesn’t publish their trades or recommendations or even their year over year or month over month returns, then I am able to stay very skeptical.
        All reputable stock letters and investment services publish their results. They understandably don’t publish their exact ticker symbols to non-subscribers but they usually use a 3rd party audit firm to show their returns are valid. In this case, I don’t even know if NVOWS can beat the market. If they can’t then you are just better off not paying them a dime and buying an index fund. This advice is advice in the spirit of Christ as I would want all fellow Christians not to waste hard-earned money on a investment service that doesn’t beat an index fund.
        In order to “fire your boss” as the radio commercials say – you will have to earn substantially higher than an index fund which have been basically flat for the last few years.
        It just smells really bad. There are lots of places that you can learn about trading stocks, options, futures for free – as a Christian why not just point out those resources? IF they run a great investment service for Christians then publish the results – what are they hiding? Otherwise, go with a reputable investment service like the Najarian brothers.
        I wish you the best and I don’t say this to sound mean – I have the best of intentions to look out for brothers and sisters and make sure they are not taken advantage of by wolves in sheeps’ clothing. It would make me very happy if NVOWS is truly on the up and up and they are making Christians financially free

        • Once again, they are an educational company, not a trading company. They do not tell ANYONE what to trade or pick trades, so they have NOTHING to publish. Like I said, if you don’t know what they do, you have nothing to contribute.

          • OK Dana – best of luck to you. I feel that I have something to contribute and that something is a huge warning to other would be victims of their overcharged services. As a training company, they are charging 10-1000X what other stock trading education systems cost.
            Take some of the free lessons offered by interactive brokers or tdameritrade. Buy a vector vest subscription – use a Najarian stock letter – those are all better alternatives.

            I hope they are warning the students that they can lose all of their money. The markets will rip you to shreds without guidance.

          • Hi yall. Top Gun here. Started nicely with a couple options wins. But the squirrel never left after many many months. Hung it up after -6k. Sole reason I bought in was Daves pitch about making money while doing something else. Was in the same spread play Dave was in once. It went against me so I had to bail and took a few hundred loss. Dave gets his money out of the ground (oil) and doesn’t have any real skin in the game because IMO. The play was finishing up the second day of a Seminar 3 and he rode it to the bitter end barely making any money and was a nervous Nellie all during that day asking students to watch his play and alert him if it moved going against him. So not worth it. Went whole hogg and did the Entity thing too. Another $3-$4k wasted. Asked him and staff multiple times to publish how students as a group were doing. Wouldn’t budge. Thats dead wrong. Asked hey what are folks jn that works. “Can’t offer advice . . Not licenced advisor . . Yada yada. Stayed in touch with another Top Gun who also bailed out as a lost cause. Stayed with it longer than me. He now trades currency and does well and does septic install. When I’d call in for help I was hoping for the skinny preacher who had a nose for the ball (his football ref on his earlier life in sports. Would get Jenny. 24 at time. Smartest person in room. Several occaisions Id ask detailed question about a specific stock, shed talk to me like i was an idiot then admit she was loOKking at wrong stock. Short answers and she became head of customers svc. Just terrible. Biblically, if Dave’s church was nervy I’d be a member. Right on biblically and politically. Daughter Jennie (?) Chip off the old block. Good girl. Smart as a whip. Great customer service. Dave actually helped me get out of a play on Christmas morning. He genuinely cares for and tries to help people but his wonderful nature stands in stark contrast to his deliberate hiding his and his students performance with his system. I may pick it up again one day but only after retirement when I’m available all day long.

          • I agree with your assessment. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and experience! We Tradeway students all need to be more transparent about our experiences so others can decide if this is the right path for them.

          • Dana, I hear what George is saying, but I would like to hear more about your experience. Ive been thinking about going into this seminar when this whole Coronavirus stuff goes away. Right now, I’m starting to slowly drift away from the temptation to go into one of the Raging Bull affiliates, Ben Sturgill. I was reading the BBB and couldn’t find anything about him yet. I have found that there is plenty on the Bishop guy, and they’re not good. That makes me lean towards the TradeWay that I heard about on Family 590 in Boston. Your experiences and/or expertise could help me to earn extra money in stocks, so that I can work on building my retirement nest egg.

            I haven’t seen anything bad on Pastor David Mitchell in the BBB. That is a good sign that leaves me believing that George my have something, but not necessarily enough against this David Mitchell pastors.

            For anyone, I’m willing to hear your expertise in the area of stock, mutual funds, options, and other securities. I currently have accounts in TD Ameritrade (where I have a few stocks, but have not traded them). I also have a lot of small fractional shares in Stash Invest. If anyone is willing to steer me in the right direction, I’d much appreciate it. Thank you all. Much love going out to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Please be well.


        • Thank you George. Your comments are spot on, and the key is, how reputable are they? I have enjoyed their step 1 seminar, and, as with anything involving money and professionalism, they should be willing to publish their results. This is my second year with them and I just began step 2. Upon finding out that this is mainly informational, I would not have paid for a course, (step 2), where my options application has to be approved by the brokerage firm, and the firm rejected me because I wasn’t risky enough. I am rather troubled by this. Your right, George.

      • There is a reason why results are not posted. Companies that are doing great have their clients out front screaming their successes. Companies doing great don’t change their names either. That company then loses all the “good will” they built up under their old name. But if their was not good will but a trial of tears by past suckers, i mean clients then it is a good idea to change the name.

        • I think some of it is because they changed the general direction of their company but I also understand what you are saying. Most successful companies would never dream of changing their name becasue they’d lose all that recognition. I may be mistaken but I think at one time they even had a different name before Neuventure on Wall Street. This may be the third name change.

    • In case you didn’t see my reply to someone else above, I don’t believe Jesus said, “I’ll teach you to fish, but you have to compensate me with money first.” I wholeheartedly agree with you. I would love to see a poor person be blessed with this knowledge of navigating a man-made economy in this way and give the knowledge for only $50 a pop. And if you truly have the knowledge, you would be already making your own money in the market, not from selling knowledge about the market. I wonder if the knowledge this guy is selling even works? If it works so well, why does he need $6,000 a person to teach it? I would be teaching people for $10 entry fee if I understood the mess, because 200 x$10 adds up fast, is enough to take care of me for a month or two.
      If you’ve got enough to keep a modest shelter and you are actually humble as Christ says we should be, then you don’t need $6,000. And if it is working, the “teacher” is using YOUR money to get rich with the market. Save your $6K, get a good book on the subject and scour the internet and you can put enough together to make profits. Or how about just starting a Money Market or CD sets? If you’ve got $6k to spend on this program, you can put together CD sets instead, and even I know how to do that and compound. In fact my $4K I put in every year is almost at $30K after 5 years and my CD interest goes into the MM to compound more. I watch the rates and when they go up again, I’ll just open a different account and transfer it all to the higher rate, or call my bank and make sure my accounts are adjusted properly. I prefer to live gratefully and have the perspective that what I have is enough. Isn’t it also God’s commandment to not covet, be happy with what you have and not covet for more? It must be exhausting trying to get rich when one could be happy with having just enough. There’s truth is doing what is passionate to you and the money will just follow, if it’s good and from God. To be passionate about spiritual self care and just start writing about it, or about health, or starting a business, or just showing people how to budget so they are happier knowing they have the money they need for bills if they could just see it, people will offer compensation. It’s a waste of time trying to find ways to be richer, and richer and richer, only to find out it’s lonely at the top and you can’t take it with you.
      All the money in the world does not solve your problems. Having faith and actually living as God teaches you, does.

  5. As a seminar 2 student I have found that when I ask the students who are not making money, ” are you following the rules?” they admit that they are not. I myself realized that when I do something outside the “rules” set up by TRADEway is when I lose money. It’s not TRADEway’s fault that the students don’t do their homework and are looking to make easy money. The students are warned by Pastor Mitchell over and over and over to “keep the rules.”
    He also says we are in tough trading times and not to use much money. Wait for the bottom to drop out and when the next bull market starts we can use our “skill sets” to make a lot of money. He also teaches people to paper trade for an extended period of time until they get the confidence to see that this works before trading with their “hard-earned money.” I have 7 years until retirement and I am getting better and more confident with each trade. Even when I lose I ask myself, “did I keep the rules?” and usually I did something like not see the indicator that the stock may turn, or not get out of a profitable play quick enough (greedy) or presume the stock will bounce off a resistance line and buy it before it bounces and then it breaks through. This system makes perfect sense if you stick with it and really follow the rules to the letter. David Mitchell is not a crook. It’s the students who are lazy and out for a quick return without putting in the hard work who are the problem.

    • Most active traders lose money. Stop making excuses are you blind. Where in the bible do you think it promotes trying to make a quick buck without patience and wisdom.

    • I’m brand new to trading. I’m looking for reasonably priced education. Currently, I am being offered the option of over $10k to start. I haven’t tried tradeway. Any other recommendations please?

      • run in the other direction. Buy a book on it and/ or watch videos it is not complicated or expensive to learn. Watch out for people charging lots of $$$. they are not your friends.

      • I just started with a small amount with ameritrade. Learn to say no to many offers. No is your best friend.
        Attend the tradeway seminar, but do not let that be your only source of information. Pennystocks are good to trade if you have never done so. It helps you get your feet wet and use the tradeway rules for investing and selling. I am just a beginner. I love comparing companies and use google to do so. A lot of information is at your finger tips if you just do the research.

      • Trade Smart University is very inexpensive and thorough. You’ll get way more information at a fraction of the cost and last I checked it’s an unlimited subscription type service where you pay a monthly fee for access to all their education and help.

  6. Day Trading or active trading is a recipe for disaster. It would be better for you to go to a site like Vanguard and learn the free information offered. I feel bad for the gentleman who said he is near retirement and actively trading. If this system is so good than why are there not more testimonials about how well people are doing.? The author of this site even admits she has not met many successful investors. It is because when you try to time the market you will lose. You may get lucky and make some money but over time you will lose and if you are extremely lucky you may break even.

  7. This is ” something of a miracle ” and with “Thanksgiving next week , this is a ( GOD SEND).Now lets’ make some ( at risk ), $$$$, money.I heard this , on WMCA- RADIO, THE MISSION STATION. I believe the , phone number is 1 ( 877-907-8723 ” TRADE WAY “.My family & my ” church ” & my ” scout alumni” , hope to benefit , from this great knowledge . GOD BLESS, WMCA !!!!.

  8. Sounds like day trading. Almost all day traders lose money, many all of their money. Instead invest in the Total Stk. MKT. INDEX FUND, etf, reinvesting div. & cap. Gains back into fund, etfs. Also 10-15% into good Internat. fund, etf. FIDELITY, VANGUARD, GOOD companies to get these funds. Free advice for basics also.

  9. I know soon someone that has been very successful with Tradeway. He took all the courses and is starting to enjoy success. He spends a lot of time with research and has made around $200,000 so far this year. I continue to be sceptical in light of the ridiculous cost of the classes, but they may be doing something right.

    • Is there anyway you could let me know his email and would he consider being interviewed for an article on this site? I think many people would benefit from hearing from someone who has found success since he is the first one I have heard of so far.

  10. My husband and I joined NueVenture in the fall of 2015. I had heard the radio ads for a while and thought, let’s go check it out. We attended a weekend seminar, and I liked what was being taught. The issue I had was that the instructor kept upselling the courses, which became quite expensive. I joined the weekly webinar to listen to David Mitchell. Over time, I realized it was going to become difficult to trade because of the “squirrel” market. Every day I received an email from Mitchell and it said not to trade yet because of a squirrel market. It seemed the squirrel market was more common than the trading market, which was a disappointment. My husband decided it was a scam, I couldn’t convince him to stay active with the program, so we dropped out. I really thought this was something we could do together to make money, but after 6 months, I didn’t see the potential to do so. Sorry, but I have my doubts about this company.

  11. My wife and I went to a Seminar 1, 2 yearsish ago. When we went, I went hoping to see something I liked, she went with massive skepticism, even though she was the one who heard it on the radio and told be about it. So off we went and had a date weekend and did this thing. Long story short, we both felt that they were legit, at least. That was the first hurdle.

    We didn’t sign up for the Top Gun, but we both felt like it was a tempting offer. I went into the 10 Trade class and after, what seemed like a year, we never got a trade off because of the old bull market that wasn’t acting normal anymore which as others have mentioned is called the Squirrel. So after a long while I paused the account while I waited for the market to return to normal. But it looks like it will never change at this point, even though I know at some point it has to reset.

    At this point I am wondering if the people in Top Gun are able to make money in this market. Since I was only able to do the most basic of trades, I was thinking the top level traders should still be able to make money. If they are I am open to doing Top Gun. I know it 10-12K, but if from what I learn I can make money, it’s a worth while investment.

    I do still trust the company has a whole though, but it does give me pause to know that even if the Top Guns arn’t making money because of the weird market conditions, they won’t let me know and will still let me sign up and learn the hard way because the company must still accept new members or risk going out of business. I think they probably rationalize this by thinking once the market returns, it will be game on for everyone.

    So, I got on this thread to see what people are saying these days about the company and so far it still isn’t clear.

  12. I feel ripped off, and want my money back. I signed up for Top Gun, paid about $11,000 and wish I’d never done it. It’s all about money….THEM making money. David Mitchell should be ashamed. They promise that you’ll be able to trade after the FIRST seminar, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  13. I first attended their seminars in early 2013
    To learn how to fund my retirement, they tell us we can trade for a living and that sounded great to get out of my menial career and so I bought top gun in late 2013, after attending all the courses I had some great success the first six months of 2015 and then lost all of those gains plus half of my small retirement account , even after learning the advanced trades in the top gun package, the early gains have kept me hopeful and trading, I have worked hard at it and being self employed have had the ability to watch the market most of the time, but the rules are difficult to keep and the market can turn quickly, the high risk high return trading taught is very difficult, I make $1000.00 one month then I lose it all when the market makes a sharp reversal,turns out I I have now learned that only 1-2% of people will ever make a living actively trading, those 1-2% make all the money the 98% lose, if you master trading you can!! , So if you have faith and money for the education go for it!! I just wish that tradeway was upfront about that because some of us cannot afford to lose money, in fact is hurting many of us badly,this is early 2018 and I am going to keep trying to trade and make some adjustments, I do not think I should need to buy more classes the Top Gun was supposed to teach the strategies to be effective in all market conditions, although the others are super strategies !! That would be a great addition if I am making the kind of money
    Tradeway tells us we can make.

  14. On a more positive note, tradeway has given a quality education and is trying very hard to help their students with additional webinars at no extra cost and in the top gun package , the coaches spend unlimited amount of time to help you master the trades and analyze them The squirrel market is there only for beginners to ensure their safety, more experienced traders keep on trading!! The top gun elite program is good to be apart of !! Although it has not enabled me to reverse what I have been doing wrong, I am trying to pinpoint that,
    And will be making a couple of changes.

    • Top Gun since 2009. Only started with about $3,000 in the account. The first 6 months we made about $2,000. Then we lost $3,500. Then we had all these squirrel market emails and it got frustrating when a good time was to get back in. Dave offered the “ultimate” strategy that he would disclose on a cruise which was another $5,000….And we never ever used that strategy. We met a lot of Top Gun students on this cruise and many of them have gotten out after huge losses. I don’t think any amount of training can prepare you for that kind of loss. One studen lost over $18,000 and another one lost $38,000. It’s tough to trade and while you can make some money, you also have the potential to lose a lot. We have not made enough to cover the cost of the Top Gun program.

      • Can you get a refund? I paid $5000 in 2009 for top gun, never get into it after all. Do you think I can get a refund?

        Appreciate your advise!

  15. You said that my comment has already been posted but I have never sent a post before. Could it be another person with my name? I went to a lot of trouble writing that comment and now it’s gone. Just like the money I gave to this New Venture organization!

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