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Top 10 Things to Know Before Attending NVOWS Seminar 1 (Now known as TRADEway Step 1)

April 15, 2016 | 5 Comments

It appears that many people who check out my blog do so after hearing about Neuventure on Wall Street on the radio and a quick Google search leads them to my Seminar 1 review so I thought it might be helpful to put together a quick list of 10 things to know before attending a NVOWS Seminar 1.

  1. Overall people dress pretty casually. You’ll see plenty of blue jeans.
  2. Be prepared for A LOT of selling. There is almost as much time spent listening to sales pitches as actual stock trading content.
  3. What NVOWS teaches about trading is not a big secret. It’s not some kind of special information that only they have and the rest of the world is oblivious to.  (Yikes…I was actually naïve enough to think this on some level…)
  4. Google ‘swing trading’ before you go and read up on it. That’s basically what they will teach you.  I recently stumbled across this article and think it’s worth the quick read.  It’s entitled, “Is Making Money From  Swing Trading Too Good to be True.”
  5. There are many breaks and use them wisely. By wisely I mean network, talk to people, learn everything you can from the person sitting on either side of you.  Ask them how long they’ve been trading, what mistakes they’ve made, which coach do they like to talk to, are the home study courses, webinars and Insiders worth the money, are they profitable.  You get the idea and if you find someone who has been consistently profitable, I beg you to please send them my way.  I have only met 1 and would like to increase those numbers.
  6. Take a look around, you never know which other student sitting around you might one day be your coach. Happened to me.  I met a super nice guy in the row in front of me at a seminar.  I had been trading a couple years and he had just started a couple months ago and had never actually placed a real money trade yet.  So, I was walking him through how to use TeleChart and some of the different things I had learned over the years.  Within months I called into NVOWS and he answered.  He wasn’t a coach and speaker yet but within a year he was.  You can’t make this stuff up.  So just a heads up your presenter or coach may have very little actual trading experience.  This is one reason I’ve always enjoyed learning from and listening to NVOWS speaker John Quinn.  This guy learned trading inside and out and became good at it even before being hired by NVOWS.  He knows what it’s like to flounder and struggle and scrape to learn trading and he strikes me as a bit of a genius.
  7. Try to stay calm and prayerful. A lot of big numbers will be thrown at you and you will see dollar signs and visions of all your financial dreams coming true but try to stay calm and prayerful.  There is no rush.  They will make you think there is a rush and this is the best price and deal you will ever get, but it’s probably not and you can always retake the Seminar 1 again sometime where similar deals will be offered.  Just take your time to really count the cost and decide if this is what God wants you to devote your time and energy to.  Check out my post here for questions to ask yourself when considering trading.
  8. NVOWS teaches waaaay more than just trading. They teach people how to think outside the box of 9-5.  They spur on the entrepreneurial spirit.  They teach about politics, the Bible and risk.  My husband and I are thankful for the many ways our eyes were opened.
  9. It’s not a scam. The NVOWS corporate team seem to really love people and think they are helping people.  (I’m still personally trying to figure out if they actually are helping people financially but that’s not what this post is about.)  They are just a great group of people teaching others how to trade stocks and option, etc.
  10. Please check back into the blog after you go and share your experiences and thoughts. There just isn’t a lot about NVOWS on the internet and we students need to stick together and learn from each other.

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  2. Your are spot on.

    I will say that when I joined 2 years ago, there was a substantial price reduction for
    Top Gun if you bought during the your first Seminar I.

    My mistake on the first Seminar I was to purchase the 10 Trade Stock Trading Webinar to
    check it out before buying Top Gun. They don’t make many trades in these webinars, so the
    the next month we purchased Top Gun and got an additional 10 Trade Stock Trading Webinar.
    I now have 20 trade stock webinar and I don’t use it. They will not give rebates or credit, so beware.

    You might want to blog about their advanced training. They are quite expensive and people need to know
    what they are paying for.

    • I’m looking at your articles and comments with great interest because right now, I am a bit ticked off about Tradeway, now that I paid for (actually still paying for step 2 flight school; can’t cancel it unfortunately). I attended Tradeway step 1 in July for the 3rd time, and decided I would “dip into the pool”
      and pay for step 2 in order to trade options. Unfortunately, they did not tell me that when I fill out the application for trading options my application has to be approved by the brokerage company. Both times, my application has been rejected for being too conservative, and options trading is risky.

  3. I attended step one of the trade way seminar this weekend. I wish I had read your article before I went. My wife scheduled this as a birthday present for herself. She was upset with me as at the end of day 2 I had decided it was not for me. I walked out on the meeting because I was bored to tears. Hats off to those who are interested, Mark and Joe seem genuinely trying to be helpful.

  4. 9-7-18
    Just read your article. I often listen to “tradeway show” on Christian
    Radio. I have over time listed quite likely; most of what
    they will cover in Step 1; but I still have considered taking it.

    I already know about options trading to a degree; because I used
    to be in a small garage trading shop; with my college roommate.
    I don’t know about “swing trading” but I do know “NOT” to do day
    trading; for many reasons… you will most likely lose for one!

    I am a bit rusty; but from your article; don’t think I would get much
    from attending; except a lot of sales pitches! Thanks

    As a “freebee” from me; I have been researching “Pro Traders” for a
    while; I have tried to learn from people like “Anton Kriel”; who
    was a former trader for Goldman and Liehman… among others.
    [also there are free courses online from MIT about “financial

    Many of the really great traders with “Big Bank pro-experience”; are
    now trading their own money; working for a hedge fund or are off-
    shore with their own hedge funds. Check out youtube videos;
    just watch; but don’t buy; you could be surprised as to what you
    will find!

    Hope this helps someone.

    Best regards


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