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I Had a Baby Boy!

April 15, 2015 | 7 Comments

Birth Story Alert! I would like to be upfront that the following has nothing to do with my trading but I’d like this blog to be a place I can look back at and see a bit of what was going on in my life at the time.

April 1st I gave birth to my second son. I went to my weekly checkup that afternoon at three. Doc said I was at 5 cm. I was pretty excited. Halfway there right? I even had a contraction in front of the doctor and told her I was having one but wasn’t sure it was ‘real’ and not Braxton Hicks. She quickly said, “You don’t get to 5cm unless they’re real.” We joked about seeing each other later that night and off I went. Soon after I started my half hour drive home my contractions became very strong and so uncomfortable I could hardly focus on driving. I called my husband repeatedly but it kept going straight to voice mail. I knew his battery must have died and luckily I knew which field he was doing tractor work in so I drove straight there and told him I thought I was having the baby. He jumped in the car and we hurried home to grab the bags. As soon as the sitter showed up we started the 52 minute drive to the hospital. It was miserable. I was in so much pain I was punching the car window. My husband called ahead and 3 people met us at the door and immediately rushed me to OB. They discovered I was at 9 cm. To spare you any more details I’ll just say I got to the hospital about 6pm and delivered Winston at 7:38pm. My Doctor whom I had just visited with that afternoon told the nurses she couldn’t make it because she was “out of town.” The Doctor on call stopped in and when he found out I didn’t want my water broke huffed out and went home so my nurse delivered the baby and did a wonderful job. I also had the most amazing doula. If you are in need of a doula and live in the Denver area, email me because I have the doula for you.

I am so relieved I’m not pregnant any more. Man that was rough at the end, so uncomfortable and so many contractions. I feel light as a feather now with surprisingly more energy despite the lack of sleep. Winston was up last night from 7:30pm-2am. I thought newborns were supposed to sleep all the time. My recovery got off to a rocky start as a came down with a virus the day I went to leave the hospital and for 2 days I was hardly able to even turn in bed I ached so bad. It also doesn’t help that my husband is a farmer and when the fields are ready he has to work, baby or not, so I had a sharp dose of reality right away. It’s been 2 weeks now and I am starting to emerge from my fog, do dishes and think about writing thank yous. Thinking about it is as far as I’ve gotten. The evenings are so short at this time. Two year old goes to bed about 8 and I try to get to bed about 9 so I can get 6 hours of sleep if I’m lucky.

All that said these 2 weeks have flown by, as I know the next year will and even the next 18. Each day with these two boys is a gift. No need to dwell in the past wishing I could hold that tiny baby again or dwell in the future wishing they were off to school. I just need to live in the present and enjoy exactly who they are this day.

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  1. Congratulation! And you have no idea how fast it goes by. My boys are 18, 21, and 25. My youngest just met with a recruiter from the US Air Force on Monday and is getting his paperwork in order, so as soon as he is done with high school he hopes to ship out. Before you know it they will be grown and gone, so enjoy every moment.

  2. Congrats on your newest addition! Dennis is absolutely right about enjoying every moment. As an NVOWS member I also wanted to thank you for creating a blog about your journey. Your information about Trade Smart University was very helpful and I actually signed up for their monthly subscription.


    • It’s good to hear from you Kevin and thank you for your kind words. Please keep us all posted on what you think of TSUs monthly subscription and training. I think it’s helpful for everyone to hear from other traders what is working and not working for them.

  3. Congratulations on your latest blessing! It reminded me of our first- I was farming back then (1976, long before cell phones) and a friend came to the field where I was plowing and told me I needed to go home, we had a baby coming! It was still two weeks before the due date so I was surprised. Keep us updated.

  4. Hi. I took the NVOWS course. I’m wondering exactly how much you have profited dollar wise from your trading if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks.

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