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Who Can Trade in December?

December 31, 2014 | 1 Comment

Woah!  Did December just happen?  Where was I?  What a crazy month it has been.  I have either had company or been company for 3 weeks this month and I am one worn out pregnant momma.  The last of my company comes today for 5 days.

Did I stock trade this month?  No not at all.  I think I may have only glanced at the S&P about 10 times this month.  Sometimes stock trading takes a back seat and I think that is perfectly healthy and important and is even one of the perks of trading, that you can choose when it needs to take a back seat and other priorities rise to the surface for a time.  For me it was my sister having her 5th child and I got to go cook, clean and take care of her kids.  It was also my parents yearly visit.  I don’t get to see them very often since they live in Utah and I live in Nebraska so the last thing I am going to do during their precious visit is be glued to my computer looking for the next great trade.  And then there is the house we’re working on.  Decisions and runs to Menards always need to be made.  Have you ever tried to pick a white paint out?  There must be over 7,000 shades of white.  Seriously.  Then any free moment, I have also been scraping and puttying, etc at the house.  We hope to move in in a couple months and are so excited.


Here is a pic of my two favorite guys decorating for Christmas.

What I enjoyed most this month were the many reminders that the King of kings, God and Creator of all came to earth as a baby!  A baby!  He took off his crown, humbled himself and came to earth to live knowing full well what awaited him, heartache and the cross.  He did it anyway because he loves me.  He loves you!  Wow!  I am in absolute awe that he loves us that much.  I’m in awe of his humility.  I am in awe of who he is.

But what about you?  Did you get in any good trades this December?  Did you have trouble focusing on the markets this month?


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