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The NVOWS ‘Pep Talk’

October 22, 2014 | 10 Comments

Since I started learning trading from Neuventure on Wall Street 3 plus years ago I have had my share of ‘pep talks’ from the coaches and David Mitchell. If you’ve spent any time trading with NVOWS you’ll know what I’m talking about here. For those of you who don’t know, the ‘pep talk’ consists of a coach or David Mitchell himself telling you to look at the big picture when you’re struggling and see your trading as a whole over your entire lifetime of trading. They often mention the ups and downs of trading and how many students have not had instant success. Jenny Taylor’s name usually comes up somewhere in this pep talk reminding us that even she missed her first 7 trades was it? They also talk about what a hard market this is to trade in. The hardest they’ve ever seen. I’ve been hearing that for 3 years by the way and I still believe it’s probably true. It probably has been one of the hardest markets to trade in for the past 3 years.

This ‘pep talk’ can take place on the phone, through Market Alerts, Coaching Webinars and they even had an event devoted to the ‘pep talk’ called MayDay.   For my first year or so of trading I thought I was maybe one of the only ones who was having a hard time and wasn’t profitable until that is I started hearing the ‘pep talks.’ It got me thinking that if they have entire Market Alerts, Coaching webinars and even a full day event devoted to trying to help people who stink at trading continue on, then their must be A LOT of students who are having a hard time.

That means….I WASN’T ALONE! YAY! But it also means trading must be really hard and few find success…BOO. THAT STINKS!

This past Monday nights coaching webinar had a great pep talk by Geoffrey. Who doesn’t like a little Geoffrey encouragement now and then? He has always come across to me as a down to earth, realistic guy who seems to care about us students. When the pep talk started however I must admit I caught myself thinking, “Here we go again. Another NVOWS pep talk for all the struggling traders.” And while I did find it encouraging on one hand I also found it discouraging at the same time because it reminded me again how many students must be struggling if they are devoting half a coaching webinar to the ‘pep talk.’ This pep talk had something that I had never heard. Geoffrey talked about how perhaps we are laying the ground work for future generations. Maybe we personally will never become successful traders but maybe our children or grandchildren will. Woah. If I live to an average age I have about 40 more years of trading. I tried to wrap my mind around trading for another 40 years and consistently losing money and sending Telechart money every month for their software and NVOWS money every month for their webinars on top of the money I’m losing. That doesn’t even sound wise. That sounds like a huge waste of time and money. So while I hope my children will be successful traders someday, I only hope that if God leads them that direction and I will only continue trading as long as I think God wants me to.

How ‘bout you?

What do you think of the NVOWS pep talk?

Have you heard many? Who is your favorite coach to get a ‘pep talk’ from?

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  1. Yep! My husband and I were listening, and on that comment from Geoffrey we just looked at each other. We don’t HAVE children! The reason we got into this is to replace our own lost income and retirement fund. If the reason we are trading is for future generations, and we’re paying all this training and resources expenses, we are just screwed! That being said, I do think we will eventually make money at this but I’m starting to think that won’t be anytime soon 🙁

  2. Well, your words are very interesting & a little discouraging. I’ve been waiting for God to give me the green light to jump into trading. I’ve taken lots of classes, spent lots of money but never felt that I had the time to devote to full time trading. I had intended to join David Mitchell & his advisors because I thought that would be the most conservative approach to be successful. After reading your words, I’m discouraged that with all these tools in place, you’re struggling to be successful in this venture. Maybe this is not the right second career for me. Thanks for your honesty & candor about the trading world.

  3. I also was on the webinar and thought the same thing. this was the first time I heard that it could take us decades to be successful.

    • Yes Randy, I was surprised to hear this. This was never mentioned in any of the Seminars that I’ve ever been to I can tell you that for sure. I’m sure it would scare away people from trading. Let’s hope it doesn’t take us decades! : )

  4. David Mitchell is a business man first and foremost. His business model seems to be:
    1. Make your customers rely on you for repeat business.
    2. Give people what they want… “Want to learn how to trade in a bad economy? Buy product x.” Etc.

    It’s a good idea for him, and it seems to make him a lot of money. However, if he was really making loads of cash on trades, why even spend all this time bothering to teach? He says that he wants Christians to have more money to further God’s kingdom but then why is he charging exorbitant prices for his “ministry”?
    To be fair, I think he is trying to sell good information and teach it to the public as best he can. But I also think his information is highly accessible to anyone willing to read some dry boring books. If you listen to his radio “show” (commercial) he gives great book references. Now think about college–what did the professors tell you to do? Read!!! You probably learned at least half of your knowledge through reading textbooks. If you’re not into that, for any reason at all (no time, can’t learn that way, too boring, etc.) then trading probably isn’t for you. Like everything else in the world, to get good at something you need to invest (pardon the pun) lots of time learning and making mistakes. There is plenty of information out there to learn wise ways to invest money for free! Go to your library and check out “How to make money in stocks” by William j. O’Neil. Or Robert kyosaki’s “Rich dad poor dad”. Or books by Peter Lynch.

    Let these learned and wise men of the trade (so punny) be your teachers. It’s like an Ivy league education on your own time for the price of a gallon of gas.

    The greatest secret of wall street is that there are no secrets. I made that up. 😉

    Good luck!
    Phill Schmidt

    • Phill! Good to hear from you again! You spoke some wise words. Thanks for commenting and I’ll be excited to hear in the future where God gives you to live. It’s definately a fixer upper on the inside but it’s solid with no rot or foundation issues so we’re hoping after a few months of hard work and no social life, we’ll be able to move in before our next little one arrives.

  5. we (i) went to seminar 1 last week and we (both) of us will be attending it again next monthto buy top gun at a better discount. I am purchasing top gun specifically for the reason of, my kids. because if I by chance do suck…maybe they will get it, and at least they will know how. out of all the friends I have I am the only one who knows what I know right now..and I think that makes a difference, I think it’s something my kids need to know, and know earlier on. I met a 16 ur old in there and her grandpa was buying her top gun…so she gets to make all her mistakes now and not at my age lol how blessed is she. I don’t think I will continue insider after the 6 months free and my teacher(mark) his assistant told me I didn’t need Tele chart. he told me when I was ready to give it a try use a free charting system, and if you don’t have insider where to find fundamentaly sound companies, don’t get me wrong I agree with you 100% about hard work, pep talks, I haven’t received one yet. my strategy is review seminar one notes, go back to seminar 1 then buy top gun, paper trade and after seminar two practice with small money just stocks, then after I take two again try out options, and of course since it’s top gun, harass the heck out of them if I run into any hard questions “get my money’s worth” I felt at seminar one the 4 repeats that were there came specifically for a peptalk, cause mark was motivating, it’s seems like to do this one would need a lot of support and motivation…how is trading going for you today? 2015 is almost at a head! hope you are well, take care.

    • Dess! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and your plan for going forward! Sounds like a good plan to me. You’re going to have to keep stopping by and letting us all know how things go. Down the road you’ll have to be one of my ‘featured traders.’ If you have questions along the way make sure you stop over again!

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