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Neuventure on Wall Street (now known as TRADEway) Seminar 2 Review

August 4, 2014 | 15 Comments

In the past 3 years I have attended NVOWS Seminar 2 on options 3 times with 3 different instructors. My first was David Mitchell, the second was Chris Johanson and the third was a couple of weeks ago with John Quinn so obviously that one will be the freshest on my mind.

Naturally seminar 2 starts with a review of Seminar 1, once again going over rolling stocks and learning a little more about trending stocks. We then covered some of the most common patterns and bases. Then it was time to dive into options, starting with basic definitions and just the buying of puts and calls. I later learned on my own you can also sell (to open) puts and calls. I’ll admit my first Seminar 2 was a bit overwhelming as I tried to memorize and grab onto every last piece of option information taught. I felt as though if I didn’t grasp even one small piece that it would all fall down around me and I’d never grasp options. This isn’t the case. Even though there are still some concepts to this day within options that make my head spin I was able to learn a simple way to buy puts and calls. So simple I might add that I was a little surprised to pay $6400 to learn something that simple. But, having never stock traded before and being so new (at the time) to stock trading I had no idea that all this information was out there for the taking and even if I had, I don’t know where I would have even begun to look. Now that I’ve been trading for a few years though I would at this point feel a lot more comfortable navigating the stock/option trading information overload to find the bits of information needed to use such a simple strategy in my trading.

And what NVOWS seminar would be complete without the many long, relationship building breaks built-in as well as a good dose of selling. At this one I once again had the opportunity to buy the approximately 15k Hawaiian 3 day Practice in Paradise and the 10 Trade Options Webinar for about $2,500. Then there’s the $11,000 cruise I can take to learn new gap and news plays. Of course there is a whole new set of home study courses I could also buy on candlesticks, gaps and stock splits. One thing I would like to note here is that a thorough and complete stock trading training program will need to cover things like candlesticks, gaps, bases, indicators, etc. With NVOWS these things are only covered on the most BASIC level at their seminars if they are covered at all so if you want a more holistic view of trading you must buy these Home Study Courses or study up on them on your own or choose a stock trading training program that includes these in the upfront cost.

All 3 of my instructors were excellent and I learned some different tidbits from each of them. In addition to options this seminar also teaches the David Mitchell Advanced Stop Out Rule. The Seminar wraps up with looking through some real-time charts for great patterns and buy points and learning how to actually go into Eoption, (the brokerage NVOWS uses) pick out the correct option from the option chain and place a trade.  I was comfortable buying calls and puts after taking the seminar just once but my husband appreciated attending the Seminar 2 again. Everyone is different and learns differently.

There are definite advantages and disadvantages to choosing a stock training program that is live. One huge advantage is getting to meet so many like-minded people and learn from them and be encouraged. Another advantage is it forces you to take some time out of your life to learn this new skill on a particular date and time. The drawbacks however include not being able to review the seminars at home as a refresher especially if you need more than just 2 days to understand the concept. You may have to wait months until another one comes to your area as opposed to other stock training courses that are all online and can be watched and rewatched on demand. Everyone has to decide what will work best for them.


How ‘bout you? What were your thoughts on NVOWS Seminar 2?



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  2. I bought the Top Gun package and the Hawaii trip and the Perfect Play and found them all to be way over priced. I have been trading for four years now and have found that there are a multitude of resources that offer the same exact courses at a fraction of the cost AND they don’t push their other products down your throat like Nvows does. The speakers are trained on how to give the seminar and sell products. If they do trade with their own money it is very little. I asked a very simple question to one of the speakers and he didn’t even know what a “wash sale” was. Anyone who trades would know the answer to that.

    • Hello, I was considering doing Nvows Class, but reading your comment, could you please recommend what other option that is a fraction of the cost your referring to? Thanks

    • Interesting because I’m always listening to their radio show and it seems like they really are trying to help people but from the sounds of it it’s just another one of those salesmen seminars. It’s to bad because if you can’t believe in them who can you trust or believe that won’t just keep upselling you?

  3. Their stuff is overpriced, but it is for complete newbies who want to learn to trade and get 6 months of hand holding to boot. I have been looking for complete training for years and this is the only one I can find where they actually trade what they preach. They will evaluate a trade you might be thinking of and help you manage it while you are in it. This is great for newbies who have never traded before.

    Yes, you can find most of the information about options online, but there are hundreds of options available to for each stock. Which one(s) would you choose and why?

    Their info is solid. I have tried it alone and I can say it was worth it for me

  4. I signed up for Flight School in June 2015. I will be attending the Seminar II class in San Jose and Sacramento this month. I was impressed and excited about trading when I attended the Seminar I course. It’s my understanding that married couples can attend the seminars without charge. I am single and have a girlfriend that is interested in trading. We would like to partner up and split the monthly payments.
    Called this morning to NVOWS and I’m waiting for a call back.
    I do agree the cost is way overpriced. NVOWS seminars always has Biblical talks, but their commitment to help the average person to overcome financial independence isn’t shown in their cost to pay for the courses. I’m not trying to badmouth NVOWS, but I truly believe that their talk doesn’t match their walk.

      • It’s hard to really know because there is Top Gun (known as something else now) that runs different prices depending on when you buy it and what kind of discounts you get. Usually somewhere between 12-16k is my guess as to what most people pay and then there are so many things you can add like additional trips to learn more and their monthly insiders for $50 a month, etc.

  5. Oops. What I meant was “married couples” that have paid for Flight School or Top Gun can attend designated seminars as many times as they want.

  6. I would actually benefit from a work booklet or like you said online classes. Finding time to go to a two day siminar and then again months later would never work for me. I would love to learn all about this but I work 6 days a week and trying to remember everything would be hard plus I take horrible notes.

  7. can’t understand why anyone would pay so much money for any of that stuff when you get pretty much get it all on the internet. even if you’ve never traded before there are enough sites out there that can provide you with guidance so that you don’t have to mortgage your home. what these these people charge is not unlike many others that simply over do it. it’s insane to rip off people like that.

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