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People You Meet Along the Journey

February 22, 2014 | 2 Comments

Each time we attend a stock-trading seminar we meet so many great people.  In fact it’s our favorite part of the seminars, learning what is working and not working for other traders, swapping stories and encouraging one another.  During our first seminar we sat next to a very kind man who was retaking that Seminar 1 and was still not profitable.  When we asked why he simply said he kept breaking the rules.  Well, that gave my husband and I all kinds of confidence.  You see, we weren’t going to break any rules like this guy. : )  Funny to think back on that now!  To this day we still use the handout he had created and given us on tracking our stocks.

During the next Seminar we met another man by the name of Paul who sat in front of us.  As the lunch break rolled around my husband and I started heading toward the parking lot and our cooler of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when Paul caught up with us and asked if we’d like to go to lunch…his treat!  Boy did we ever!  We were sooooo excited.    During lunch he took time to listen to our story and encourage us to run hard after God and His best for us.  He told us we could definitely do this and be successful.  As we’ve kept touch through email his encouragement has continued to mean the world and he has even offered to let us stay at his place whenever we come into town for retakes.  What a blessing he is!

At our most recent Seminar 2 retake we were able to get acquainted with several right around where we were sitting.  One such man by the name of Mark also took us to lunch.  We are so spoiled!  Last we talked to Mark he was profitable and also offered us encouragement and an invitation to stay with his family whenever we’re back in town for retakes.  This seminar was special to us because we had the most incredible teacher, Chris.  He took the time to sit down with us on the first day after everyone else had cleared out.  He listened to our story and genuinely cared about us and our success.  He said he thought the Holy Spirit was prompting him to do something and he wanted to pray more about it, speak to the founder and follow up with us the following day.  The next day after everyone left we once again sat down with him but it was obvious he was very exhausted and coming down with something.  He told us to call the office the following week and he would tell them what he was thinking.  Well, we did but it seems we had fallen through the cracks and no one knew of anything.  Chris has since gone to be with the Lord and we along with so so many others miss him especially every Monday night on the webinars.  It seems we may never know what he had in mind for us.

Here we have just included a few of the special people we have met through our time with NeUventure on Wall Street.  Perhaps in future posts I will share a few more.  I think most students with NeUventure would site the people as one of the things they appreciate the most and what makes NeUventure special.


How ‘bout you?  Who have you met along the way?

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  2. I don’t know if I’d be considered one of the “people you meet along the journey,” but I live in Dallas and have been annoyed by all the radio advertising for NeuVentures On Wall Street. It just smelled bad to my B.S. detector. So, on the way home from church today, I did a google search on “is new venture on wall street a scam” and your blog was the #1 ranked link in Google. (Hmmm, maybe that is some indication of reality?!) I’m sure you’ve met a lot of well intentioned professing Christians along the way. I’m hoping God will reveal the truth to you about stock trading. In the mean time, without charging you anything for a seminar, you might want to get some additional evidence about the truth of the markets. I’d suggest reading this article on investment philosophy. Full disclosure: Brent Everett, the Chief Investment Officer of the firm that wrote this article has been a friend of mine for nearly 20 years. I’m a Talis Advisors client.

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