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How I Got Started

February 22, 2014 | 15 Comments

We all have a story to tell about how we first got interested in the stock market and started trading.  Here is mine.

My husband and I were volunteering full-time with a ministry in Louisiana.  For a few weeks he would drive to Texas and back everyday for the ministry.  During these drives he would listen to Christian radio and he heard David Mitchell talking about how to make money in the stock market.

Several months later we moved on from the ministry but my husband never forgot what he had heard from Pastor David.  When it was time to move on we went straight from Louisiana to Colorado to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary and we checked to see if any seminars would be going on in Colorado around the time we were there.  Sure enough there was one a week after the anniversary celebration.  At this point we are homeless because we had just left the ministry so we camped in our tent that week until the NeUventure on Wall Street Seminar 1.  My thoughts on that seminar can be found here.

We were definitely excited to give it a try and thought that perhaps this may be a way God chooses to provide for us.  We also wanted to join Top Gun (that is NeUventures all-inclusive stock trading program) but didn’t because we didn’t have enough money.  We decided to prayer fully consider joining Flight School (this includes only Seminar 1 and Seminar 2) as we tried to apply what we learned in Seminar 1.  After attending the seminar we went to Nebraska to see my husbands parents.  As we were with them we looked for jobs and after a week went by we decided if we stayed any longer it would no longer seem like a visit so we went to a local organic farm to work half days in exchange for room and board.  During this time we spent the other half of our days looking for work and continuing to pray about stock trading.

A Seminar 2 was coming up in Colorado and we still didn’t know for sure if we should spend what was left of our saving on that seminar especially because we were homeless and jobless.  We prayed and asked God to give us a job to come back to if he wanted us to go to Seminar 2.  Well, 2 days before the seminar my husband was offered a job.  The next morning we waved goodbye to the amazing farm family we had grown to love in that short time and headed back to Colorado.  On the way Toby called to accept the job but the man didn’t answer.  After writing a big check for the seminar/Flight School Toby called again to accept and there was no answer. Five or more phone calls later…no answer!  So here we are, we’re still homeless but now we’re broke and jobless on top of it!

Well after this seminar we head to Utah to see more family aka: free food and place to sleep.  While there my husband lands an interview with a farmer in Nebraska who later hires him and buys him a truck and gives him a cell phone to boot!  Much better employment situation doing something my husband loves.  So we move to Nebraska and settle into an apartment and since my husband found a job first, I got the stock-trading job.  I had thought when we finally settled down that I would look for a job with elderly as that is my passion, talent and joy but instead I found myself alone everyday with a laptop and Telechart.  Talk about something I didn’t see coming.  So that is how we got started trading.


How ‘bout you?  What’s your story?

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  2. I am interested in going to this neu venture seminar but do not understand why the full commitment costs are not all disclosed before you go. We have been to other “awesome” seminars over the years and they all turned out to be a dead end. Sales is not our thing. Like trying to get your family and friends to buy into whatever we are pushing. However I have always been interested in stock trading. Our funds are limited right now and if we have to invest a considerable amount of money to successfully progress in this then now is probably not the time.
    Thank you for sharing your venture.

    • Hi Chris. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts. I can definitely relate to much of what you said. You mentioned that you have always been interested in stock trading and for that reason alone if you live near a seminar location and $100 wouldn’t be too much of a stretch then maybe you could just go to the first seminar and learn the basics of how the stock market works, the lingo, a bit on rolling stocks and even how to set up a broker account. Sure, they will say a lot during the 2 days about how much money people make but just know that that isn’t everyone so don’t upgrade to Seminar 2 based on that alone but do upgrade if you honestly think God is leading you to. Seminar 1 alone could even give you the jump-start you need to start doing your own trading research. I will tell you what I wish someone would have told me. Stock trading takes a lot of work and dedication. If you want to be successful you will spend much of your free time studying, looking through charts, reading news, etc and even then there are no guarantees you will be successful. Before you decide if you want to move forward with stock trading count not only the monetary cost but also the cost of your free time. Please feel free to ask me any other questions any time.

  3. I’ve been hearing his Radio Infomercials, and I believe I would like to get into Trading. One of the Things that Struck me about your Blog was that you started with about 500 dollars. I thought about going to the Seminar, and opening a Trade account, and starting with about 500 to maybe 1000 dollars. The one concern I have is I am visually Impaired, and I’m not sure if there material would be accessible.
    The other thing is that I work for most of the hours the Stock Marcket is open, but I believe you can use Moble devices like your Cell Phone to Trade.
    Do you have any thoughts for me as far as what I should do?
    I also live in Nebraska.

    • Well hello my fellow Nebraskan! Great to hear from you. Since I’m not aware of your exact degree of visual impairment, it may not hurt if you have $100 to go to the first seminar and check out if it’s something you think you would like to do. Even if you don’t continue on with other seminars or even trading, it might be worth your time to just learn a little more about how stocks and the market work.
      You are correct that you can use your cell phone to trade but I must tell you that trading is very very challenging to begin with even when you’re in the comfort of your own home with your charts right in front of you. What may have looked like a great buy point the night before could be far from a good buy point within minutes of the market open and without your charts in front of you it would be hard to scroll through stocks looking for ones that are now creating good buy points. I have heard of some who have been able to make trading work while being at work although I am not aware of the exact details of how they pulled it off. Setting stock alerts would help though.
      You mentioned how I started with $500. That is indeed true but I quickly learned that it would only cut it if I didn’t lose any of our first few trades and that wasn’t the case. It is very challenging to trade with such a small amount of money as it limits what stocks you can get into. Many of the stocks with the best patterns are out of reach with such a small amount of capital. For our first year of trading every spare cent we had we started putting toward our trading account until we had the balance up to $1000 and then eventually up to $2000. Any less the $1000 really limits you. Just wanted to be clear since I didn’t give all those details in the post. I’m glad you brought it up. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hello, This is my first review to reply or do anything with. Usually don’t take the time but just had to this time. I was just looking for reviews on on NVOWS and came across this. On the radio program reference was made to some stock trading guru. I asked my father in law about stock trading and if he thought this was legit. He has been very successful in the past. He told me you need to read/subscribe to Investors Business Daily (IBD). Its a rival of The Wall Street Journal but oh so much better! I believe the one year subscription was about $269. It turns out the founder of IBD, William Oneill, is the same man the NVOWS radio program was refering to. I recommend you read the series of books called “How to Make Money in Stocks”. One is subtitled “Success Stories” by Amy Smith (the one I started with”, then read “Getting Started” by Matthew Galgani, then the grandest one them all by William J Oneill himself (currently on that one). Easy to read and excellent instruction.
    There is also a How to Make Money in Stocks radio show. I download the podcasts and listen to them religiously. Ive downloaded the last 2 yrs worth and have listened to all. Just google it and you’ll find it. I found it on itunes called IBD radio show. Amy and Matt host the radio show. This isn’t a “cash flow investing” system. I’m just managing my own retirement now. I did loose about 20% my account in the first 3 months because I didn’t follow the rules correctly and forgot to put in a “sell” point on my stocks in case it went down and oh did it ever.
    I’m steadily increasing though and I’m excited that. Hope this is helpful. — God bless!

  5. I actually finished seminar 1 yesterday in Colorado. I did experience the constant looping you into the Top Gun, Flight, Insider, with the so-called discount available for today only, buying the next 4 seminars so on. Some people in the class actually did and I really hope they succeed especially when I don’t believe they really could afford top gun in the first place. I do not know who NeUventure or David Mitchell is, nor did I listen to the shows on radio. I went in with friend who had an extra ticket. My honest feeling is you will learn about stocks, trading it is an education. But I am skeptical of the sharing the wealth- I want you to make money- you can’t do it own you need more seminars and long term help only offered in the Top Gun program (most expensive one, of course) pitched by instructors and these are incredibly high priced considering the rich and professional stock traders do not need theses seminars, they created it for middle-class to poor people like me . . I think of Christians like Dave Ramsey who has been where I am and has created a getting out of debt program which is very affordable and I doubt he’s getting rich off it, it makes you wonder if he is even getting income above the cost of materials spent for production. We all know he’s wealthy but it is from other ventures that have nothing to do with Financial Peace University. If the thought process is similar with David Mitchell whom was born into wealth and is oil man, pastor why if you do his program it can cost $42,000.00 without the so-called discounts and F.P.U is regular price $200.00, although it is discounted throughout the year quite often. Neither program guarantees success that is solely on you and me. My warning to anyone regarding NeUventure is to treat it like an education/ hobby venture….. don’t depend on the program to replace your income, if you can afford to trade stocks without hurting yourself or dipping into retirements, saving accounts, I say go for it, as for myself I went seminar 1, got an education I’m looking for my own stocks to try and my research will take time not overnight like insider website you can subscribe to and I will not be spending a minimum of $12,000.00 to $42,000.00 for something I need to learn to do myself…nor will I be depending on an Insider Website to stay in business as long I’m trying to make money.

    • Thank you for your feedback Aimee and thoughts on attending the seminar. I think it’s helpful for people to read many thoughts and opinions so they can make a wise decision. Sometimes in all the hype of a seminar people only see dollar signs and not all the financial, time and energy costs associated. Thank you for helping people think through it all and please keep in touch and let us know how trading goes for you should you choose to trade.

    • I really have second thoughts about this now understanding all the costs involved and seeing that it is really not much different than previous secular seminars I have attended of the same type. one I attended was actually much less costly. Just 99 for the seminar and a monthly fee around $40 after that for training info.

      I think they are definitely flirting with deception

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience on NeuVenture. I was considering enrolling in Seminar I but changed my mind after reading your blog. They’re like Robert Kiyosaki’s. They teach the basics to get you hooked so that you’ll enroll for more advanced teachings. Not a scam but an expensive way to learn. If one has the patience the info is out there.

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