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February 17, 2014 | 5 Comments

Is anybody out there?  Am I alone?  I know I’m not alone but sometimes it feels as if I am.  It’s not like my neighbors, co-workers, friends or extended family are aspiring stock traders and if they know I am, what will they think?  That I’m crazy?  That I’m going to fall on my face?  I need to know I’m not alone and that is why I’m glad you found me.  Please share your stock trading journey as I share mine.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. My good friend, co trader… Wendy!:) This is such a beautiful blog. Thank you for making this. Very inspiring and informative. I so appreciate you! Awesome mom and trader!:)

  2. Hi, I just googled NVOWS, saw “scam,” clicked and came to your blog. You’re a good story teller and I’ve enjoyed reading two of your posts so far.

    My husband and I attended Seminar I in Dallas three or four years ago. I had much of the same response as you to the way it all went. Was a bit, not entirely, put off by the sales aspect. We were hopeful about being able to do some trading “on the side” of our day jobs but that never really happened. When we got home, on our own, we were kind of lost and eventually cancelled our subscription to the internet program – I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway! We’re interested again.

    I’m not sure if you’ll answer this question – I guess my bottom line question is…is it working? Are you earning income from trading stocks?


    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment. I think it’s great that you are asking the question that everyone wants to know and I wish I had the answer. Even with this blog I am having a hard time getting to the bottom of it and finding successful traders. All I can assume so far from this is that it is extemely challenging and involves lots and lots of time and effort that may not even pay off. It hasn’t for me yet but I continue to press on at this point. Let me know what you decide as far as trading and if you have any other questions.

  3. I am thankful for you and your blog as I was debating whether to sign up for a seminar next week in Round Rock, Tx, but am having serious second thoughts. I am a single parent looking to help get out of debt and get 2 kids thru college over the next several years. Hoped this would be an avenue for that, but I was cautious and began researching and came across your page. Thanks for this blog. I pray God will bless you because of it.

    • Thank you Mike for your kind encouraging words. I’m glad this blog was helpful. I just want to put my honest experience out there and those of others to help people make their own wise stock trading decisions with as much information as possible. It sounds like for you, that probably won’t involve stock trading. I’m excited for where God will direct you and how he will provide for you.

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